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The dictionary definition of savvy describes someone who is well informed and perceptive.

In the real estate business, we call savvy buyers those that when buying a new home ask the right questions in order to not miss any important details, whether they root from common sense or go beyond the obvious details of a property.Questions about the neighborhood like flood, security, traffic, etc., are really important questions that most of us forget to ask.

Savvy buyers do not rely on somebody else to find all the information for them since priorities differ from person to person, but instead they do individual research on their own. With so many online tools these days, a savvy buyer can figure out where to look for the right answers to his/her questions.

We all can be savvy buyers. To get started, you can visit any of these sites to find out what you need to know about that nice neighborhood of your preference.

1. – This website will give you a good idea of the market value of the property.

2. – Harris County Appraisal District. Through this website you will find the records of the property, such as how much the taxes are per year, etc. The search can be done by entering the address.

3. – Houston Association of Realtors- This website is useful to search all the properties available for sale through a specific zip code, subdivision or all Houston.

4. – This website will provide general information about the area, properties available and listing agents in the area of your choice.

5.  – TXDPS. This website is especially useful if you are concerned about Sex Offenders in your area.

6. – Houston Independent School District. Search schools in the area and find information about the general reputation and what the application process is.

These websites can provide you with a good start. By doing your homework and getting all the necessary information, next time you meet with your agent you can let him/her know the area that you’re most interested in or if it simply fulfills the expectations of what you’re looking for.

Good luck!

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