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Accessibility is one of the most important features on the list of potential home buyers. Nowadays we work long hours, we commute and there isn’t a lot of time in our lives for much more.

The new luxury now is to spend quality time with our families as much as we can instead of sitting more than an hour to reach our destinations. Does this sound familiar to you?

At Stone & Fields, we are always scouting for the very best for all our clients, this time, Meyerland is on our list of the best neighborhoods to buy real estate. Why? Accessibility is the key word! 

Drive 3 miles up north and you will find the 17th largest business district in the US, Houston’s Galleria. This community is well located just outside of loop 610 in Southwest Houston, surrounded by attractive features for those looking for a home.

Did you know that Meyerland has a great access to the largest medical complex in the world? That’s right, Texas Medical Center is located less than five miles from this neighborhood!

Home to more than 35,400 residents who have a median age of 36 years old, also, demographic trends indicate that 26% of this population have a bachelor’s degree. The occupational employment in Meyerland is white collar in majority and the second group is made up for private companies. 

Top Features

Rest assured you will find the top features you have been looking for you and your family, because there is always so much to do in this area. Outdoor activities are always happening in the surrounding areas due to the great proximity to parks, entertainment, grocery stores and shopping centers so you can drive just the necessary amount without having to go much further!

If you are looking for alternatives to not using your car. Meyerland offers multiple ways to transport you inside and outside its limits. 

With 56 points for walkability, many errands can be completed on foot or by bike (67 of score!), but if you prefer to use public transport, this area is served by important routes that surely will take you to many key places in Houston. 

There is plenty of retail nearby! Meyerland Plaza is the local shopping strip, with a capacity of more than 70 stores serving all the residents in the area.

Undoubtedly, a desired location that it is suitably exposed to a blend of cultures that additionally provide gastronomies that you will not find elsewhere in the city.

This neighborhood is served by several Houston Independent School District Schools and private schools. A Houston Chronicle article stated that “Meyerland has long been recognized for its exemplary and recognized magnet schools”. 

About Schools

Lovett Elementary School (named a National Blue-Ribbon School in 2016) is zoned for the north side of the Brays Bayou and this area is also zoned for Bellaire High School. 

When searching for your potential home, it is very important to invest time in searching the neighborhood also, not only in the actual property, because both are equally essential. That is why we are here to make this process much easier for you. Let us help you find the right property. Call Stone & Fields today!

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