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You want to sell your house and your agent asks you to KEEP IT ORGANIZED… yeah right!! So how do you accomplish that every day?

Here are a few solutions/ideas that will eliminate clutter and will make that living space really pleasant to your prospective buyers:

1. Shelves (my favorite) – so many nice ones to choose from!!!! Take a look at this picture. This piece was designed by Viable London. It might take the whole wall.  Perfect for those with hundreds of books!

2. Jewelry Boxes – This stackable trio of smoked oak boxes from Ferm Living, is a good way to organize rings, earrings and bracelets.

3. Baskets – Ideal for the endless piles of magazines.

4. Toy Storage –  a sturdy storage choice for scattered toys (and looks really cool too).

5. Multi-use Wall System: Designed by Dorothe Becker and Ingo Maurer in the late 1960’s, is the perfect thing to hang by the front door. The various molded compartments, clips, and hooks turn whatever you put there—keys, pens and notepads, makeup, wallets—into wall art.

No more excuses. That house is ready to show. Good luck!

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