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Home is probably one of the most important reflections of ourselves and of our lives. It embodies our likes and dislikes, what makes us comfortable. It contains our most personal items and at times it even traces our history. Just as finding the right house, turning a house into our “home” is equally important. Although the majority of home-owners have an idea about what they want in their homes and how they want to exhibit their preferences, most of us may face a few problems incorporating all those ideas into a single theme that can be seen throughout our home. An interior designer is usually the right person to assist us in this progress.

To understand a bit more about what an interior designer does, I interviewed Columba Merendoni from Columba Deco & Design and she provided a more concise insight about the design process. To start the interview I asked her how important the interior designer is when re-designing or remodeling someone’s home, to which she responded: “[It is important] because it is the person that has more ideas in regards to materials and new styles, while he/she also aids clients with the selection of these. Part of the designer’s job is to facilitate the work to be done between the client and the constructor.”

Some clients usually don’t have an idea as to where the process begins, so I think that asking some questions before the job starts can help ease the client’s mind. Columba gave me a few ideas about what questions a client may want to ask. “How is it that the designer works (whether the rates come in dollars/hr or by project.) How much will the project cost, how long will it take for completion and what will the steps to follow be.”

Other important knowledge includes the specific job of the designer, to which Columba responds, “ [the interior designer] facilitates the client’s work in choosing the materials, designing the space, supervising and working directly with the constructor to oversee the client’s interests.”

A question that I had personally been curious about was that if I have a specific style in mind, how do I choose the right designer to do the job? This is what she suggests: “The first step in an interview with the designer is to see the type of work that he or she does, the client has to see if the designer inspires trust and if the way he/she works is compatible with what is to be done in the project. It is also very important to demonstrate to the designer the desired style.”

To conclude the interview I asked her how she thinks the home owner can assist the interior designer during the design process. “.. Showing them through pictures, magazines and even samples, the desired styles.”

An interior designer can ease the process of personalizing our homes, especially if one is well informed. Talk to your designer today, and use the information you have to create the perfect design that will turn a house into your home.

Good Luck!

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