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Let me ask you these simple questions, please answer each one of them objectively… then you decide.

1. Do you need a house?

2. Do you want to get out of a rental property?

3. Are you tired of dealing with a landlord when you need to get something fixed?  Or always waiting on maitenance in your apartment complex?

4. Are you ready to commit long-term? At least a minimum of 5 years.

5. Do you want to paint your walls any color you want without having to ask for permission? 

6. Do you want to give your family a secure place for the future?

7. Do you know how much you can afford every month? Keep a small budget for repairs and maintenance.

8. Do you know that interest rates are between 4.125% and 4.375% on a 30 year fixed loan?

9. Do you know that there is enough inventory (homes for sale in a specific area) to supply for the next year or so.

10. Are you ready to mow the lawn?

Because buying a house is the biggest investment you will ever make in your life (for most people).  You have to feel comfortable with the decision.  It is not about what others might think you should do.  It is about how you feel, what you want and what you really need.  Good luck!

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