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The First Impression when showing a house is the most important. It defines the whole experience. It helps to narrow down which properties deserve the opportunity of a second showing and simplifies the buying process for both buyers and agents.

The TOP 5 things you can do to enhance the overall home appearance are:

1. Cleanliness – A clean/spotless place shows that the house has been well kept and maintained.  It allows the prostive buyer(s) to walk around and spend as much time as possible viewing the details.

2. Eliminate Clutter – A clutter free home seems more spacious, more comfortable and especially bigger.

3. Repair obvious defects – If you know of any defects on the property, I suggest you take care of the most visible first.  For example, entry door, garage doors, siding, etc.  After inspections all the non-visible defects will show and those can be addressed at that point.

4. Smell – An occupied property has a variety of smells from cooking, pets, kids and cleaning products.  It is important that strong pet odors or special cooking smells are eliminated as much as possible.  You want to avoid allergies of prospecting buyers as much as possible-don’t over do it with candles!! It will be too obvious.

5. Be available – Once the house is on the market, be available to answer the phone for agents wanting to schedule showings. Inform your family about the possibility of having to leave the house at non-working hours. It is easier if every member of  the family cooperates.

Good luck!

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