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1. You can boost profits from rentals without increasing rents by:
a. Upcharging for amenities.
b. Partnering with local service providers.
c. Reducing your overhead.

2. A licensed auctioneer is not required to have a real estate license to call an auction for real property in Texas, but the auctioneer may not act as a broker or sales agent, such as by preparing a written agreement for the transaction.

3. When the Lender Requires Repairs: Neither party is obligated to pay for lender-required repairs. Instead, if the parties don’t reach an agreement on the lender-required repairs, the contract will terminate, and the buyer will be refunded his earnest money.

4. A seller’s demand not to cooperate with a firm or agent from a specific broker or firm is a legitimate instruction regarding the sale of her property.

5. The Multiple Listing Service of the Houston Association of REALTORS® includes residential properties and new homes listed by 37,000 REALTORS®.

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